What is web host How to Build and Host Your Website
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Web Hosting Made Simple - a brief review

There are several options when deciding how to host a website. The most common of these options include:

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most cost-effective option. It’s perfect when you’re starting a new website or blog but don’t have many visitors yet.

2. VPS Hosting

Giving you more performance and more control over how your hosting account is set up. This is a great option when your website is starting to gain some traction and the number of visitors is growing.

3. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most powerful option. You’ll pay more than the other two types, but a dedicated server will keep up with the most demanding sites.

How to build website in wordpress web hosting

Once you’ve decided on the right type of hosting for your needs, it’s time to start building your website. There are many ways to do this, including web design software, pre-made designs, or even coding each page by hand.


While each option has its advantages, the best website builder for most people is the WordPress blogging platform. WordPress makes it easy to add new pages to your website, publish news or other content, and make quick design changes.

And don’t worry it’s just for blogs – WordPress works great for all types of websites.

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4 steps to get your WordPress site up and running

Choosing the right web host is important, but it’s only the first step to getting your new website up and running. There are several steps required to get your website up and running.

Following Steps are help you to create a WordPress Site:

  • Choose your domain name
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a theme for your website
  • Install all necessary plugins

1. Choose your domain name

The most important step in the process is choosing a domain name. Your domain name is the “identity” of your website and is not easy to change later, so choose wisely.

Choose a domain name that is easy for your visitors to remember. The shorter the better, and you shouldn’t use dashes.

Your domain name should be easy for people to figure out if they hear you say it. If you have to explain it or explain it to people, it’s too complicated.

2. Install WordPress

Once you’ve connected your domain name to your hosting plan, it’s time to install WordPress. You can download the software from WordPress.org, but installing it yourself is a bit complicated.

If you don’t know how to upload files to your hosting account, change settings and permissions, and edit configuration files, we recommend avoiding this option.

Instead, look for a hosting provider that offers automatic WordPress setup. For example, Nexus offers an all-in-one WordPress website solution that does all the technical stuff for you.

3. Choose a theme for your website

One of the benefits of building your website with WordPress is how easy it is to change the design of your website. WordPress uses a theming system that allows you to change the design of your website with a few clicks of the mouse.

WordPress offers a theme directory on its website with thousands of options for you to choose from. There are also several commercial themes that add even more functionality to your website.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different themes when setting up your site. The directory includes thumbnails of most themes, but you’ll get a better idea of ​​how it looks when you test it on your site.

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