Royal Enfield Himalayan Price in India 2021

Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan was  dream up   by CEO Siddhartha Lal. The Himalayan differs considerably from the other motorcycles offered by the (Royal Enfield) most of which are so many various  abstrac  of the Bullet use  the same frame and engine . In other terms , its frame and powertrain. the Himalayan motorcycle was praised and famous for its good suspension and off-road ability. while some criticism was directed to the relatively low power output of the engine. The motorcycle also has longer intervals between servicing and oil change.


Royal Enfield Himalayan Price in India 2021

Himalayan is designed to travel on all types of ground, including rough ground. The Himalayan is the first motorcycle  that focuses on all terrains. Therefore  it has been designed with minimal lines, increases and a windscreen above the typical rounded headlamp to give it a rough-edged look compared to other standard Enfield motorcycles.from 2021 the Himalayan gets the brand’s of  Tripper navigation unit and  also new color schemes, and other  changes to the frame of fuel tank.

The Himalayan is an very good adventure Indian touring motorcycle manufactured by Royal Enfield, This premiering in February 2015 and launched early 2016  And it is becoming very popular too. Basically all design is awesome but  Pierre Terblanche led the design team during Himalayan’s development.

An early prototype was made in 2014 mid and in the year  2015 the new and better version came  . Afther that  The vehicle was released in India in early 2016, followed by a release in international markets such as Australia, the United Kingdom and Philippine later that year.


The early Himalayan motorcycle struggled some production issues. It was noted that the quality of Himalayan parts was not up to the mark and some users demand the bike for refund. The company responded and it was reported that “Royal Enfield is taking proactive steps to ensure the quality of its adventure motorcycle, the Royal Enfield Himalayan, both in the domestic and in international markets.

Full Details About Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Eenfild bikes starting price at ₹ 2.01 Lakhs in India. Royal Enfield Himalayan is available in 6 different colours – Standard – BS VI, Dual Tone – BS VI ,Granite Black ,lake blue rock red and top variants Himalayan pine green whice comes at a price tag ₹ 2.01 Lakhs . other uniq colors maybe showed up later.

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The milage of the royal enfild Himalayan is 39.96 kmpl , applied  for all variants of Himalayan .the top speed of royal enfild Himalayan is 122 to 145 km/h , curb weight – 191 to 199kg, fule tank capacity – 15 L  and economy of the fule is 30 to 36.26. and hight of seat is 800mm.


The athore related to the royal enfild Himalayan names are –   Royal Enfield Classic 350. Rs. 1.84 Lakh. …Royal Enfield Meteor 350. Rs. 1.98 Lakh, Bajaj Dominar 400. Rs. 2.12 Lakh. …Hero XPulse 200. Rs. 1.23 Lakh, KTM 390 Adventure. Rs. 3.28 Lakh.BMW G 310 GS. Rs. 3.00 Lakh, Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Rs. 2.81 Lakh. Etc .

The royal enfild himalayan was designed specifically for touring mind  and features an up-right seating position, with a seat height of 800 mmand also allowing the rider to be seated relatively low compared to the overall height of the motorcycle . for who loves travelling that’s one is perfact bike , go anywhere yure advaenture takes you .

Royal Enfield Himalayan is worth buying because the  Comfortable is at the top level one of the best bike for long tour. For more assurance you just take a test ride if you  plan of buying it  .  I approach you to go and buy it because its definitely wort  every penny . Go for an adventure with Himalayan , the tripper navigation system on Himalayan keep you on course . Its royal enfield app , keeping your smartphone connected to your Himalayan through Bluetooth and the display system guides you through the road pulse notifying you before every turn . The option of switching it off at the rear wheel for an engaging ride and more control while riding on off-surfaces. 


The Royal Enfield Himalayan was one of the best budget adventure bikes in India . The Himalayan is considered a good budget ADV because of its 411 cc engine.  The maximum power and torque it generate. there are other l adventure bikes in the market as I say before like the Hero XPulse, which is comparatively affordable but has a much smaller engine displacement but  worth of buying . In other hand  when you compare with  the BMW G310 GS and KTM 390 Adventure, they are similar  bikes but are significantly more expensive that buying . The half-duplex split cradle frame and long travel suspension keep you in harmony  with everything between  road, rocks, slippery rode and other objective .

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