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How To Earn From Qureka Pro App | Earn ₹2500 From Qureka Pro APK

Earn ₹2500 From Qureka Pro APK

Presently there are many gaming stages accessible in India. So it is becoming hard to pick the best gaming stage. I’m with an answer. Here I am with another gaming stage called Qureka Pro App.

Qureka Pro App is an Indian gaming plateform. There are various games accessible in Qureka Pro App. Right now, it is giving a decent measure of cash. You can bring in limitless Paytm money on the Qureka Pro application.

Today I will share how you can bring in cash by playing Qureka Pro games. Simply stay with this post.

What Is Qureka Pro App?

Free Paytm Cash Earning Apps

Qureka Pro App is a gaming app, where one can play games and earn real money. On this app there are games like fruit Slash, CricketT20, Fantasy Cricket, Bubble shooter, Fruit Chop, Candy Burst, and much more. You can play these types of games and easily earn Paytm cash. You can also earn by inviting friends.

How To Play Games On Qureka Pro App ?

Now let’s see how to play games on Qureka Pro Apk.

  • First, open the Qureka Pro Apk.
  • Now choose any game you want to play.
  • Now start playing and start earning.

If you don’t have cash in your wallet, you can add cash to play games. BigCash app is another gaming platform to earn Paytm cash. Check it out.

How To Download Qureka Pro APK

Now you know about the Qureka Pro application. It’s time to download the application. I will share a Qureka Pro APK download Link.

How To Install Qureka Pro App

  • First of all, click this button to download Qureka Pro APK
  • Click on the Download button.
Qureka Pro App
  • After download Now click here to install.
Qureka Pro App
  • Now login with your Google account.
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it.
Qureka Pro App
  • You will get Rs.12 sign-up bonus.
  • Now enter your details like Name, Gender, Age, etc.
  • You are ready to play games.

Add Cash To Qureka Pro App

  • First of all, open the Qureka Pro Apk.
  • Now tap on the Wallet icon.
  • On the deposit section tap on Add More.
  • Enter your amount. 
  • Tap on Add to Play.
  • Choose your payment method. You can add money via UPI, Digital Wallet, Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking.
  • There are many offers and cashback for adding cash to your wallet.

Withdraw Your Earnings From Qureka Pro Apk

  • First of all, open the app.
  • Tap on the Wallet icon.
  • Select Game and Quiz Earning or Fantasy Earning
  • Enter UPI Id or Paytm number.
  • Now enter the amount.
  • Finally, tap on Withdraw.
  • You are done

There are various sorts of wallets accessible in the Qureka Pro Apk

  • Coin Balance: You will find all your coins here.
  • Bonus Wallet: Sign up bonus, Spin the wheel, daily bonus money will be credited to this section.
  • Game & Quiz Winning: All your winning amount in the Game and Quiz will be credited to this wallet. You can withdraw this money.
  • Deposit Wallet: When you add money to play games. You will find the added money here.
  • Fantasy Winning: When you play fantasy sports and if you win some money, all the money will be credited to Fantasy Winning wallet. You can also withdraw this money.

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How To Refer Qureka Pro App?

Qureka pro App referral code is BFA09A7. Qureka Pro referral code is Qureka Pro refer and earn program is good.

Here are steps to refer to someone.

  • First of all, open the app.
  • Now tap on the Earn button.
  • Share your Qureka Pro referral code with your family and friends.


  • Users must note that all games available on the Playtime platform are ‘Games of Skill’, under Indian law, and that Playtime does not support, endorse or offer to Users ‘games of chance’ for money or betting. While ‘Games of Skill’ do not have a comprehensive definition, they are those games where success depends predominantly upon the superior knowledge, skill, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player.
  • The games hosted on the Playtime platform have clearly defined rules and Users are encouraged to read, understand and follow these rules to be successful in these games.
  • The games hosted on the Playtime platform are ‘Games of Skills’, such that the outcome / success in the games is directly dependent on the User’s effort, performance and skill. By choosing how to play, the actions of Users shall have direct impact on the game.
  • Every game will have some elements of chance, but in the form of challenges / obstacles that a User would be able to overcome using his/her skills and knowledge of the game. Elements of luck are present in every game to add thrill and excitement, but no two attempts at a game are identical so Users must use their skills in order to be successful
  • Since the games available on the Playtime platform can be won through Users’ skills and such skills may be enhanced with practice and experience, the performance of a User may improve with time and practice.
  • Different games will reward different skills, but each game will reward certain skills, such as knowledge of the game, familiarity with rules, experience, reflexes, experience, practice, hand-eye coordination etc.
  • Certain games may have pre-determined outcomes (Sudoku, Crosswords, Brick Breaker), and these outcomes are achievable by Users using their skills.
  • If any user has doubt that accessing Playtime App may violate local laws or regulation, which prohibits online game for stake or money, then we strongly advice such users not to access our app, failing which, user shall by solely responsible for the consequences.

Qureka Pro App Download For PC

Definitely, you can download the Qureka Pro application on your PC. Yet, not straightforwardly you can utilize any application on PC simply by introducing an emulator on your PC.

In the event that you have a high arrangement on your PC. You can utilize Bluestacks. It is quite possibly the most well known and great emulators. Simply Google for it and download it from their authority site. Subsequent to introducing Bluestacks on your PC, you need to download the Qureka Pro APK.

Presently you need to import the APK record to Bluestacks. Then, at that point simply introduce Qureka Pro on your PC.

At last, you can utilize it on your PC.

1. What is Playtime?

Playtime is competitive gaming app. You play games and compete with others on score, high scorers win cash prizes & coins. All games are skill based, so get your game up!

2. What are championships?

Championships are time based contests with a limited number of players. You enter any live championship by paying an entry fee. Entry Fee can be coins or cash.

Once you enter, make sure you get a good score to rank high. Your winning amount is based on your rank

3. How to enter a championship?

You enter any live championship by paying an entry fee. Entry Fee can be coins or cash.

4. Is adding money to play, safe ?

Adding money is absolutely safe. We have partnered with Paytm & other leading payment gateways that use advance security to process your payments.

5. I see 6 wallets in the app, and how these wallets work?

  1. Winning Wallet – All the cash winnings won by playing games will come in this wallet. You can withdraw cash from this wallet
  2. VIP & Quiz Winnings – All the money won in the quiz & VIP Championships will come in this wallet. You can withdraw cash from this wallet in your Paytm or UPI accounts
  3. Deposit Wallet – All the money added using Paytm & UPI will appear in this wallet & once added. These can be used to play but can not be withdrawn.
  4. Fantasy Winnings – All the money won in the Fantasy Sports section will appear here. You can withdraw cash from this wallet in your Paytm & UPI accounts.
  5. Bonus Wallet – All the cash rewards earned from Spin the Wheel, playing coin games, welcome bonus (and more) will come in this wallet.These can be used to play games but can not be withdrawn.
  6. Coins Balance – All the coins earned will appear here. These can be used to play coin games.

6. How can I withdraw my money from Playtime?

Withdrawal on Playtime is easy, you can withdraw you money by going on our wallet page and withdraw using 2 options we have

  1. Paytm
  2. UPI

7. I did not get the question on the screen OR I gave the right answer but the result says that I haven’t attempted the question, while I was playing the Quiz, what should I do?

Don’t worry, on Playtime your money is absolutely safe. In case of any such issue, please report (with all details like – Category name, timings of the quiz, Entry Fee of the quiz & screenshot of the questions & rank page) on our support email ID – i.e. & we make sure that your money will be refunded to you within 24-48 hours.

8. My account is blocked. What can I do now?

‘Playtime’ supports fair play and has zero tolerance for any user found to be using tricks, hacks or other unnatural behavior to play games and quizzes.
We have stringent automated and manual checks that decide if an account should be blocked.

If your account has been temporarily suspended then it could be due to 2 reasons :

  1. We found suspicious activity :
    These are violations of our ‘terms of use’ and these accounts can not be unblocked. In some cases we may also press legal charges against users committing fraud.
  2. Your KYC is pending
    You need to submit your KYC and it can take upto 7 days for us to verify your account. Once it is verified your account will be active again.

Which Country Made Qureka Pro?

Qureka Pro is made in India.

How Can I Download Qureka Pro?

As the Qureka Pro app is not available in the Google Play Store. But the good news is you can download it from their official website.

Is Qureka Pro Safe?

Yes, Qureka Pro App is secure and safe to use. 

Can I Withdraw My Earnings To Paytm?

Yes, you can withdraw your earnings to Paytm. But make sure you have completed the Paytm KYC.

Is It Safe To Add Cash To Qureka Pro?

As they use a secure payment method, it is safe to add cash to your Qureka wallet.

Is Qureka app free?

It is a free app for Android, belonging to the category ‘Trivia’

Is Qureka Pro app safe?

Yes , It is a safe app.

Who is the owner of Qureka app?

Shalini Tewari, the founder and an entrepreneur strongly believe in transformation through knowledge.

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