Maryland Starbucks employee was fired after Monkey printed on Black customer's drink label
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Maryland Starbucks employee was fired after ‘Monkey” printed on Black customer’s drink label

Baltimore, Maryland (7News) — According to reports, the word “monkey” was put as the name on a customer’s drink label, and a Maryland Starbucks employee has been suspended as a result, 7News said on Thursday. On November 19, the incident took place at a Starbucks in the Annapolis Mall.

Monique Pugh described a barista who “picks up a cup, looks at it with hesitation, says,’venti caramel Frap,’ and then sets it down and steps away from the table. Then I saw “Monkey” written on the cup.

Pugh said that she was the only Black lady in the store and that the time on the label corresponded to the time she had placed her order.
Pugh claimed the shopkeeper.

Maryland Starbucks employee was fired after Monkey printed on Black customer's drink label

Pugh claimed that the shop owner offered her a complimentary meal and drink, but she turned him down. She claimed that whoever put “Monkey” where her name should have been never offered an apology. Impeccable Brands, the store’s authorized owner, employs all of the staff members.

A spokesperson for the company provided the following statement to 7News

As a Starbucks licensee, we are dedicated to following the brand’s mission and values in all of our interactions with customers and business dealings.

We are aware of the unfortunate occurrence that happened in our Annapolis, Maryland, shop. We have expressed our sincere apologies to the customer for this unpleasant interaction and have suspended the employee engaged in this event pending further investigation.

Our preliminary inquiry led us to the conclusion that the label was created inadvertently. However, this is not the hospitable environment we want to provide for our clients, and we are working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

In order to guarantee that any upcoming interactions are welcome and inclusive, we are looking into additional ways to properly teach our team in understanding cultural and ethnic sensitivity. A copy of the letter of apology from an Impeccable Brands spokeswoman to Pugh has also been provided to 7News.

Monique Pugh

We discussed your visit to our Annapolis Mall store earlier this week.

First and foremost, allow me to express my regrets for what happened on Saturday once more. I recognize the hurt and frustration this has caused you, even though we believe that our employee labeled your cup in error. We have looked into the incident. We can improve. As an immediate measure, I have taken action with the employee and have addressed their actions with them personally.

In addition, and this is something we have already started looking into, we will give additional training for all staff at this location. And finally, I want to do all in my power to prevent any future clients of ours from having a similar experience. I’ve worked with Starbucks to ensure that the word that is printed on the label of your drink will never again be printed on any labels in my store. With these measures in place, I am confident that we will improve and provide all of our customers with the friendly service they deserve and have come to expect from us.

If you would want to discuss this further, just let me know.

Sincere thanks

Amit Sehgal

Pugh appeared uninterested in it. What did she think of the apology?

“It was a fraud, Additionally, given that they continue to claim that it was an honest mistake, does this mean that it was also a labeling error?” It was her. “You ought to have asked, “pardon me, can you repeat yourself?” if you hadn’t heard me say my name. She never did that once. She gave me the labels she thought suited me.”

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