WHAT IS THE BEST OPTION TO BUY IPAD PRO 12.9 OR IPAD 11: The fact that these are powered by apple’s M1 processor, death same chip get in the latest iMac and Macbook also this one will be e b lower power version and that’s paired with 8 gigs of RAM standard 2 modern the previous pro. And up to whooping 16 gigs of the stuff if you go for the 1 or 2 TB storage options.


There is a mini LED screen liquid resonant xdr if you are going to buy apples own marketing spile and it’s brighter and higher contrast screen on the the ( iPad Pro 12.9 pro ) the iPad 11 has the same LED screen as well. When you are using it in in landscape mode like this kind of keyboard so that its centeral to your video calling apps instead what day did is giving up an ultra wide lens with a new centre stage features and it says on the the tin this follows and keeps you in middle of the frame, when you are on video and works really amazing with FaceTime – zoom, WebEx and camera apps  like – film Pro. We are also getting faster USB 4 portal that supports you thunderbolt 3 e the charging time is the same with previous ones but now transferring files from the storage device can be e much faster and it also supports high resolution, screen so you can even hook this up to the 6k a apple display if you are money bag.


Speaking of connectivity there is now optional 5G supports rather then the odd Etc which makes a much more future proof travel companion also this will end extra 150 to the price, the cost of the data for your sim card.


Should you buy the iPad pro 11 or 12.9 ?

Answer the question I think, I would do is go for the standard Pro because the problem with the air  is that it’s cost 58k about 22k less the  11 inch Pro but you only 64 GB of storage with that . If you go up to next level which is 256 GB then it cost only 3K less than this, and you are not getting the the M1 chip or the 120 Hz screen aur battery camera, so that point most people say would be best of an ipad pro 11 with magic keyboard and if you don’t care about all those bells and whistles then just go for standard iPad. If you are thinking about why I didn’t medicine about the battery life because, the battery life is exact same as before. The 11 it’s cheaper, it’s more portable, more comfortable to hold. It’s less obtrusive If you are using out about on a train for restaurant then I think that all the attention right now is on big 12.9 with its fancy mini LED screen but in reality based 11 inch iPad Pro with the magic keyboard if you can afford . Putting on business or if it’s going to be main rather than secondary device in that case 12.9 probably is what buying , and as I say  if this is your main content device your going to watch a ton of stuff here then pay the extra get the mini LED screen you will appreciate

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The big headline – New feature you need to know is its new with white keyboard, it’s a lot nicer. Specially pure pair with the silver iPad as opposed to space grey which looks bit better with black one . This doesn’t end up like everyone fancy white Tesla seat and looking all dark and green horrible but off the bat I think white keyboard more equally white we are talking about keyboard we get. We also getting a sleek aluminum design does mood 120 Hz refresh rate screen with quad speaker best in class cameras and its shares the same sensors and hardware as before the updated ISP in the M1 chip means we are getting better white balance faster low light focus and also a shorter focal length with these cameras so you can have some macro-level shot and it still have the leather sensor which helps with augmented ready although really only ever use it for measuring and then we have got the terrified Apple pencil 2 and magic keyboard is quite expensive. Especially if you do go to Pro or the air.

Should you buy the iPad pro 11 or 12.9 ?

Price tag: The 11 inch Pro will set you back 75900 in Indian currency rising to a a 100000 for the 12.9 and then if you are planning to bump into up to 256 gigs of storage maybe add 5G and a magic keyboard that thing gonna be pricey very quickly.

Some question people also ask for-

The first one is does the mini LED screen in the 12.9 really make that much of a difference and is it worth keeping an extra 75k over the standard 11 inch? To death from my perspective it would be depends what your content is, depend what your content like your editing video,  photo or watching a ton of videos on movies, then yes, it is worth buying.

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